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Our Services

Emprotech (Pty) Limited works independently or in alliances with specialists to provide the following services:

Engineering Services

  • Engineering and Design
  • Process Safety
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Risk and Reliability Analysis
  • Fitness for Service
  • Failure Analysis

Maintenance Services

  • Application of Engineering Analysis
  • Risk Directed Mechanical Integrity
  • Risk and Reliability Based Maintenance
  • Maintenance Work Scope and System Definition
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Shutdown/Turnaround Maintenance and Repairs

Project Services

  • Plant Modification Projects
  • Repair and Rebuild Projects
  • Expansion Projects
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Mechanical, Welding and Piping Projects
  • Product Storage Tanks Maintenance and Repair

Technologies (Under Revision)

  • Aptech RDMIPTM - Risk Directed Mechanical Integrity Program
  • Plant Condition Monitoring System (PCMS)
  • Aptech - Tube AlertTM and TubeModTM
  • IncotestTM (Eddy Current Wall Thickness Testing)
  • NDT Inspection Point Seals